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Wedding Videos…….The world is changing

Recently when looking through some wedding videos and photographs from other British professionals, I discovered the work of award winning artist Philip White. Now I am not one to usually sing the praises of other photographers,especially within the same industry, but Philip concentrates on video over stills and I feel is taking wedding videos to the next level. Based in the heart of England’s countryside, Philip’s studio has won the prestigious Wedding Industry Award for the countries Best Wedding Videographer and has won subsequent regional Wedding Industry Awards for three consecutive years. These awards have been the catalyst to showcase his work to a much larger audience, and give him the opportunity to work with royalty, film stars and internationally recognised sports people. Philips’ cinematographer eye can definitely be noticed in these wedding videos and it is great to see someone who is taking the whole event into consideration, and not just what happens on one day. These videos are much more than documenting the actions of people on a specific day, but more about the actual love and relationship between two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together and share their love with the friends and family.

All of these wedding videos are cut to around 6 minutes each but these are also some ‘feature length’ versions that are also available.


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