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Wedding proposals through a movie trailer… Which genre would you choose?

A man from Poland has set-up and surprised his girlfriend with this wedding proposal featuring a home made movie trailer, which he managed to have shown before a film that she and her friends were about to watch. The funniest thing about the whole thing is that its quite good! I was really sucked in! That was until I realised that he had used clips from “The Bourne Ultimatum” and “The Grey“! I thought he was genuinely jumping into freezing pools! She’s got to say yes after all of that! No real narrative though mate, sort yourself out! I’m sure there were also a load of people in the audience wanting the film to get started or thinking that the whole thing was a bit weird but she seemed pretty happy with the whole event.

But, apparently this isn’t a new thing. Type “film trailer wedding proposal” into google or YouTube and there are quite a few that catch the eye. These ones though are probably the best. Which film would you try to recreate? Or would your partner just get up from the cinema and leave you their alone, wondering where it all went wrong? Apparently a weekend away, a romantic meal and a moonlit walk is not the way any more. You have been warned!!

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