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Are “unplugged weddings” going to be the future?

Well this is definitely a bit of a hot topic at the moment and I know what I would prefer, but its interesting to hear from others to see how they feel. If you have not heard of an “unplugged wedding”, it is an idea that all family members and friends that attend a wedding leave all of the electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and compact cameras, at home. Now I know that there is a certain hint of being at school with this method of thought but it has nothing to do with the worries of a beep going off at an inappropriate time. As a wedding photographer, there is nothing more infuriating than when someone stands up and puts their smartphone or iPad in front of my lens and take a quick snap for themselves, ruining mine. An auntie and uncle’s arm and wrist’s photobombing my photos, are not why I was paid to be here.

Unplugged Wedding

Now I have heard the arguments from other photographers saying that we are the professionals and that we should know how to work around such incidents. But I am a firm believer in proper planning and I know that if my clients had the choice, they would much prefer the photos that I produce other than the images they may receive from family members. Now this seems to be becoming more and more popular among  couples as people are starting to feel that the constant photo taking from family members and friends is not only distracting for everyone else, but it also means that they do not get to experience the event that they have been invited to. I have even heard of the officiant making a speech before hand, just t make sure everyone knows the deal.

Welcome, friends and family! Good evening everyone. Please be seated. Dan and Jennifer invite you to be truly present at this special time. Please, turn off your cell phones and put down your cameras. The photographer will capture how this moment looks — I encourage you all to capture how it feels with your hearts, without the distraction of technology. If Dan can do it, then so can you.

You can see some really great examples of these photos at Corey Ann’s  great blog covering the subject. I think so far I have been much luckier than most with this situation, but fingers crossed, phones will be staying in pockets!

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