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Timelapse photography of the world!!

You can’t turn on your TV or quickly check your Facebook page at the moment without seeing some new kind of timelapse photography showcasing everything from BBC’s latest nature programmes to an endless stream of adverts. I’m sure the reason for this is not just about how easy it is to do with the excellent portable equipment that exists, but also because of how awesome it all looks! Recently, my facebook page became flooded for a day with all with the same video that was being shared. Lake of Dreams was filmed at the famous Burning Man Festival , and shows the whole event from setting up the colossal structures, to the final burning of the dessert effigy. Timelapse photography gives you so much more choice when shooting over a large period of time as you don’t have to worry about your specific settings as much as you can use techniques straight out of  photographers book and set you aperture and shutter speed to allow you much more variation.

I have spent much of the last year learning  more about this awesome technique, and it really seems to be the year to celebrate timelapse photography. Learning more about hyperlapse has been the latest part of my timelapse photography education and I have been able to use some of these techniques within some of my recent work. Hyperlapse is exactly the same as standard timelapse photography, only between each shot you physically move the camera around your object or in a specific direction to add additional motion to the finished shot. I started to search the web to see if there were any videos that I could find that had used this technique to showcase some travelling experiences and found this little beauty about Georgia.

Now, I am off in a couple of weeks to South America where I would like to make my own short film using hyperlapse and timelapse photography techniques. I have been looking for lots of inspiration recently and have stumbled across some really talented film makers and films. Hal Bergman is a LA based photographer who has spent lots of his time travelling around and making timelapse films showcasing many parts of the world as well as his home country of USA. His latest film shows his home state of California in all of its glory.

If you like that one, you may like some of his others!!!!

And finally, one last one of where I am going! I hope mine will be as creative!!!!

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