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South American Travel Photography………….Chile and Peru through a lens

So, I have now been back in England for a month and it has pretty much taken me this long to actually sort out all of my travel photography from Chile and Peru. It was without doubt the craziest adventure that I have had so far and met some really incredible characters that I know I will see again. Both Chile and Peru are such diverse countries that there was always something to photograph. People, landscapes, backs of buses and LOTS of dogs!!! My whole reason of venturing across the Atlantic was to try my best to see the stars. I had been told that Chile was incredible for travel photography and the best places to see the distant galaxies in the world! I was not disappointed! The quality of the skies throughout most of South America were unbelievable and I constantly had to pinch myself to remember exactly where I was. Usually, on any trip I have ventured out on, I have always booked very little in advance and very much played it by ear as to where I wanted to go and what I wanted to see. As I only had 5 weeks exactly this time around, I knew I was going to have be sensible and pre-book a lot of my travel so I knew that I would be able to cover everything that I wanted to see. There is a great company in Chile called Pachamama (Mother earth) by bus, who offered a great service that can take you all around the country, stopping at amazing places off the beaten tourist track and showcasing some of Chile’s most beautiful assets. It became apparent very early on that everyone else I was meeting travelling through the country hadn’t seen half as much as I had, so I knew it had been a great idea to travel around this way instead of an endless run of 20+ hour buses that barely stop for toilet breaks let alone to see something interesting.

Peru on the other hand was all about getting to Machu Pichu, and the ‘getting there’ was the whole story! With my camera bag on my back, we spent 5 days trekking across the Andes and into the jungle with Bamba Experience covering 60 km and walking to over 4,600 m. It was truly one of the most difficult and demanding things I have ever done but definitely one of the most rewarding. It was the first time I have ever really taken travel photography seriously when on a trip, but sadly, I think I’m going to be destined to travel with a huge back full of equipment for the rest of my adventures!

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