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GoPro Wedding Video? Could this be the next craze to hit the UK?

You can’t seem to move anywhere nowadays without someone holding up or setting up a GoPro HD to cover any event, be it sporting or not. If its not someone flying down a snowy mountain with one attached to a long pole, waving it about so much they fall over, its someone attaching it to their cat to see how they move around their house! My Facebook feed seems to get fuller and fuller every weekend with GoPro footage of friends and families little adventures that they would like to share with the world. Most of these posts just get skipped over, but recently I saw a link that had been shared that seemed to be a little different than the rest.

San Diego based Photographer Ben Horne  decided that he wanted the video footage from his wedding to be different and offer a true, uncompromising first person view of his and his new wife’s whole wedding. By hiding it within the bride’s bouquet they managed to record a video with a very different view and even managed to have some fun with it during the ceremony itself.

I love the creativity of this and think that its a much better use of a fantastic bit of kit than sticking it inside your dishwasher so you can see how it all works! The review of that GoPro film will be next week! All 54:32 minutes of it……….!

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